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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Let's get shopping! Here are the things I have and love, or things I want. Click on the image to expand.

  • JCrew coat - I've had this one for years and can vouch for the warmth and style.

  • Hanes Ecosmart sweatshirt and sweatpants - my secret for staying warm and comfortable this winter. Plus, you can get both pieces for under $25!

  • The Always Pan gets a lot of hype, and with all these colors, I can see why.

  • These taper, twisty candles would be perfect on the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

  • I've always wanted a glass match cloche, so this one is on my list.

  • One can never have too many cozy cardigans, and a cozy sweater for your man also.

  • Hair perfume! Such an indulgence, a small luxury.

  • If you have teen girls as I do, you know they are hard to please. This pretty floral dress will be sure to please. Or a cool sweatshirt for a teen boy.

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