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Covid Crisis in India and Modi

"We are witnessing a crime against humanity", says one of our favorite authors, Arundhati Roy in her op-ed for The Guardian. Read the piece here, especially telling of Prime Minister Modi's lack of care for the citizens in India who voted for him.

In my humble opinion, there are two categories of voters who voted, and may continue to vote for him: the first being the lower middle class, or people barely getting by, who pin their hopes on him for a better future. This category also contains the Hindu nationalists who only want a Hindu state. Truth to power, these are the uneducated masses who will blindly believe whatever a charlatan pied-piper says. I can't fault the ignorance of these folks.

However, you have the second class of folks who are rich, educated, and only in it for themselves. This is the Bollywood elite, the powerful politicians, the billionaires, and the uber-rich, who want to continue to expand their own wealth and power without giving a thought to the suffering of the rest of the population. So they will kowtow to Modi, prostrate at this feet, pay obeisance, and continue to line their pockets. This is the category of people I truly despise as they know what they are doing, ignorance is not an illness they can plead.

There are many parallels to this and the United States' own four-year history with our predecessor, Mr. Trump. You had the uneducated minority and the white nationalists, and you had the politicians who didn't want to lose their foothold of power by speaking against him. However, the majority rose as a result of this pandemic and effectively kicked him out of office. So it is my hope that India's educated, middle-class majority and its educated youth will create a revolt to push Mr. Modi out of office. If not now, nothing will ever change. If not now, it will never.

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