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Let's start with this Friday's link love with the above image.

  1. Whose house is this? I want to live here! It's just a snippet of the next project that my favorite interior designer, Amber Lewis is working on. I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. I have this spring jacket in my cart, a steal at $35!

  3. Huge super yacht squeezes through narrow canals in the Netherlands.

  4. India's Covid cases hit a record high with 312,000 cases recorded yesterday. What is our ineffectual government doing? What about Serum Institute and all these vaccine makers that initially stated how much they would help the less fortunate in India? What about Bollywood's elite, are they doing anything (other than tweeting) to help those less fortunate? If anyone knows of ways that NRIs can help from abroad, please post below.

  5. This weekend, I think I'll bake my favorite (and easy) French Almond cake, along with cooking this delicious chicken shwarma recipe.

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