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Link Love

Friday's Link Love; have a good weekend!

  1. We are all in this together. Help those less fortunate. See the story of the image above.

  2. News that interested me this week: Liz Cheney ousted from her party for speaking the truth; the moral dilemma of paying the ransom; and India's Covid cases rise to 24 million without a true estimate of the number of deaths. It's a truly heartbreaking situation.

  3. Seven things to do to raise exceptionally smart and resilient kids. I'll be honest - I do none of these. I guess it's never too late to start. Hopefully.

  4. I hate swimsuit shopping (the maternity belly never goes away!), but this swimsuit is calling my name.

  5. One day, I want to build my French farmhouse/old-world Kerala home. OK is that an odd combination? Maybe. The aesthetics of this farmhouse though is calling to me; I can definitely pull some ideas from here.

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