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A three-day weekend is here, at least for us folks in the US. How are you spending your weekend? Perhaps some shopping? I'll have a bigger post tomorrow on all the Memorial Day sales. Until then, here's your link love, bishes!

  1. Do you want an elaborate chandelier in your 'barn' (see above, image courtesy of Instagram)? Well, if you have money to spare like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, you can do that sort of thing. Head over to Architectural Digest to see their farmhouse.

  2. Are you going to watch the 'Friends' reunion special this weekend? I'm on the fence about it, but curiosity will get the better of me.

  3. I'm glad the summer weather is here and I can enjoy my outdoor space. However, I hate getting bitten by mosquitos and I hate spraying myself and feeling like I need a shower immediately after. So, I'm going to try out this electronic mosquito repellent and hope it works!

  4. A Florida high school retouched students' yearbook photos, to maintain modesty. An uproar from the parents ensued. Parents called it double-standard and sexist. What are your thoughts on it? Personally, wasn't the intent exactly the opposite, i.e., girls shouldn't be sexualized in the way they dress or how much cleavage they show? Especially in a school yearbook, shouldn't the focus be on the student's academic achievement?

  5. Another horrible mass shooting. Flags lowered to half-mast. Calls for gun control. Nothing will come out of it. Repeat. So instead of focusing on our ineptitude as a country and our lack of morals as leaders, I want to highlight how this brave soul tried to help his coworkers and lost his life.

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