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This week's Link Love comes a little early. Enjoy, bishes!

  1. I'm all about celeb gossip, especially blinds. Who doesn't love reading about celebrities strange peccadillos and trying to decipher who it might be? Meet @deuxmoi, the Internet’s accidental gossip queen.

  2. India is the second-most populous nation in the world. You'd think with 1.3 billion people, their Covid crises would be skyrocketing. The opposite is the case, as evidenced in this article.

  3. Today is the second day of the Trump impeachment trial. Mind you, his second impeachment. What have we learnt from all this? I honestly don't know, so I'm posing the question to you.

  4. A spacecraft from the United Arab Emirates swung into orbit around Mars on Tuesday in a triumph for the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission.

  5. Meanwhile, the world's billionaires have nothing else to spend their money on, so they are throwing money at space travel. Forget the problems we can solve on Earth - climate change, poverty, medical research, humanitarian crises in war-torn countries, etc. etc. etc.

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