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I know it's been a while but life has been busy. Happy New Year to all. Let's kick it off with

Friday's Link Love - things I've read loved, bought, or want.

  1. The gender pronoun debate rages on. The absolute ludicrousy of it is called out, finally, by Dr. Phil's guest, Matt Walsh. I agree with his point that if you can't define what it means to be a 'woman', then you can't claim that label. How come no one wants to claim 'man'? Why is it that the woman is being erased and consumed?

  2. I'm pro-life. Proud that my daughter is marching in the 'March for Life' rally today. I wonder if the people who choose to abort their babies, have given it much thought about how they themselves could have been aborted if their mothers hadn't chosen life.

  3. I need a pair of winter boots. These are on sale.

  4. I also need a warm winter jacket. I hate going for the brands that everyone else does (Canada Goose, North Face, etc.), so I was glad to have found a new-to-me-brand, Norden. This looks like a great, warm, comfy jacket.

  5. A cozy home tour, courtesy of Heidi Caillier Design. She can do no wrong! This home is classic, cozy, mixed with varying textures both modern and collected.

  6. Speaking of home, Target released their spring collection with Studio McGee, as usual, there are quite a few things that caught my eye. Like this painting, this dupe for the Anthro chair, and this brass lamp.

  7. Suprise of the week - Priyanka and Nick welcomed a baby via surrogate! Congrats to them!

Happy Friday and weekend!

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