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Link Love

Here's your Friday link love, bishes! Enjoy and happy weekend!

  1. A new, fun show to watch on Hulu - The Hustler. You have to be a good liar and have a poker face to win this show.

  2. We are a society that loves to argue, even if for the sake of arguing. Everything has to be a debate. So, I really like this mantra (seen in the picture above). Sometimes, not speaking and debating and arguing, is the best medicine.

  3. Have we tired of our Covid-19 pods yet? Is it time to venture beyond a comfort pod of friends/family? But then again, is a 'pod' or circle you've created in 2020 just a fallacy?

  4. I've been binge-watching the Nadiya Bakes show on Netflix and can't wait to try out some of her delicious recipes.

  5. I'm fortunate enough to work from home, even before the pandemic hit. So, comfy clothes have always been my go-to. This cropped sweatshirt looks cozy, comfortable, and still put together.

  6. The face of the Perseverance landing on Mars was an Indian American woman. Bravo!

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