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Happy Friday, bishes! Here's your eagerly awaited Link Love.

  1. The picture above stopped me mid-scroll on Instagram. I don't know if it's the dog or the beautiful 19th-century South-Indian architecture, but this is just the type of house I want to build someday.

  2. Speaking of Indian things, I love hand block printed textiles and fashion. This beautiful top is speaking to me but is it speaking to me enough to splurge $170? I need a steal version of this exact top!

  3. This ongoing story of the blockage at the Suez Canal has been a fascinating read.

  4. One of my favorite brands, Cord, just released its collection of leather handbags. I'm loving this particular style.

  5. After spending all my money on stylish bags and expensive tops, I'll be left with nothing to buy summer sandals. Luckily, I spotted this inexpensive pair from Amazon in the cutest colors.

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