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Made in India - Home Edition

Yesterday's post was all about fashionable brands in India, preferably small businesses. Today's post is about the new-to-me, business brands in India focused on homewares. If you know of any others, please comment below.

  1. Trove Craft India - small boutique shop, specializing in hand-painted homeware.

  2. Ellementry - homegrown, handcrafted products that look just as cute on your counter.

  3. Taattva - vintage Indian collections for the curated eye.

  4. The Wishing Chair - a women-led homegrown Indian brand.

  5. Nestasia - lovely home goods but I'm especially drawn to the sculptural vases.

  6. Mora Taara - another lovely shop with unique things for the home. I have the cutlery set in my cart already!

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