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Product Review: Anomaly Haircare

Remember when I posted about Priyanka Chopra Jonas having launched her own hair care line, available at Target? Well, it's time to post my honest review of the product. I purchased and used the Hydrating Shampoo and the Smoothing Conditioner. My hair is the typical Indian hair or maybe atypical - it's frizzy, not quite curly, not quite straight, not consistently wavy in all areas, and sprouts up like a bush in humidity. My hair is also chemically straightened. I normally use a pricey shampoo and conditioner set (this one), followed by a hair oil (this one). This seems to keep the frizz at bay and my strands soft and manageable. I decided to take a risk and try the Anomaly products listed above and this is my review, which I wasn't paid for (although it would be nice, HAHAH).

The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free (a plus for chemically straightened hair), paraben-free, surfactants free and cruelty-free. Right off the bat, there is a faint, plasticky smell to it. The shampoo feels smooth and lathers up nicely. The conditioner seems to coat the hair and only a little is needed. I use the shampoo first, rinse off and put the conditioner on, leave it while I do the rest of my body, and then thoroughly wash off. Once I'm done, I towel dry and put on my trusted Lanza hair oil. I have noticed that both the shampoo and conditioner seem to do a good job of keeping my hair soft and frizz-free, just like the pricier ones I was using. I normally just towel dry and leave my hair without much fuss. This seems to help with keeping my hair maintenance-free. Other than the slightly discernible smell, I'd say that I have found a rotation for my pricier shampoo and conditioner.

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