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Second Mass Shooting in a Week

Another day, another shooting. Sorry to sound so glib, but have we become desensitized to this disturbing madness? I certainly have not. Each shooting brings a fresh wave of sadness and panic. Sadness for the victims who lost their lives and panic for my own children and their future. It's not safe to be in churches, schools, grocery stores, movie theaters, or anywhere anymore. Consider yourself lucky that you don't live in the US and have to deal with the ineptitude of our government to take action on this pervasive nightmare.

They say "guns don't kill people." Yes, that's true but an angry person armed with a semi-automatic rifle will kill more people than an angry person with a single knife. The intent might be the same, regardless of the weapon, but the outcome is vastly different because of the weapon. However, our backward government officials will continue to line their pockets with the bribes from the NRA and tout the outdated constitution to say that it is our right to bear arms. The constitution was written more than 200 years ago when there was no police force to protect citizens, hence these citizens had a right to bear a rifle. Not a semi-automatic weapon. A rifle or two.

If you don't have a complete ban on weapons, at least remove the need to carry a semi-automatic from citizens' hands. Then, examine what the deeper issue is. I think this culture is becoming increasingly lonely and isolated, due to technological advances. How ironic. Loneliness and isolation create depression and anger, which in turn to violence. Yes, this is my very simplistic distilling of what I feel the issues are but I'm sure trained psychologists can theorize a more concrete definition of why this may be happening. Have we looked at the past history of shooters? Have they been treated for depression or anger? Have they had unimaginable childhoods? It's a vicious cycle that begets more violence against the innocent.

Until our government does something about this, I fear we will continue to experience the onslaught of gun violence increasingly. And if you think that this won't happen in my neighborhood, don't stay complacent. Unfortunately, it will. I'm fearful. I can't say I'm hopeful. I'm fearful for my children's future. All I can do is pray, pray and pray some more. I pray for the victims and their families. God Bless us all.

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